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Whether you're looking for a local storage solution or want to ship your belongings across the country, PortaBox offers competetive solutions with you in mind.

Storage Solutions

Our storage containers are smaller than the competition's, meaning you don't pay for unused space or find yourself wading through an enormous container as you sort your belongings.  The smaller footprint on our boxes means not only are they easier to load and unload, but they can be situated more easily as well.  Driveway, yard, or curb, PortaBoxes are sized to work with the space you have, not the space you wish you had.

Portabox Competitive Comparision

Shipping Solutions

For moves that are two small to rent a truck or hire a moving company, Portabox presents a great alternative. Pack on your own schedule and then ship your belonging directly to your location. Compare Portabox shipping services as an alternative to traditional moving services to see if Portabox Shipping is right for you.

Portabox Shipping Competitive Comparison

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