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When it comes to storage, PortBox Storage has the advantage on both price and convenience.

Portabox offers the best service at the most economical price
Features PortaBox
National Chain
National Chain
Self-Storage Units
Do It Yourself Storage Yes! yes yes Convenient and cost savings
Ground level loading Yes! yes Easy to load. No lifting into trucks
Access your items Yes! yes yes Conveniently add or take away items
Local Neighborhood locations Yes! yes Access your items quickly and easily
Delivered to your doorstep Yes! yes Saves time and effort
Load at your leisure Yes! yes yes Work around your schedule
Handle items less times Yes! yes Load and unload ONLY once.
No Truck Rentals & Insurance Yes! yes Tight timelines. Inconvenient schedules
Don't have to fight traffic Yes! yes Eliminate stressful driving conditions
Secure from theft invasion Yes! yes NO PUBLIC ACCESS (Your own lock & key)
ON average lowest cost Yes! SAVE MONEY

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