Ordering Questions:

Service Questions:

 Cost Questions:

Ordering Questions

How do I order more containers?
You can order by calling us toll-free at 1-888-269-8646.  Make sure to tell us that you are an existing customer.

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Service Questions:

Do I have to be there when my containers are re-delivered?
You don't need to be there personally, but we do require that there is an adult present who can sign for the delivery and tell the driver where to place the containers.

What do I need to do to have my container re-delivered to my home? (or another location)
Tell us the delivery ZIP code and the date you'd like to schedule delivery.

Can you move my box to another state or overseas?
Yes, contact us and ask for our shipping department for more information. If you didn't specify when you placed your original order that you might have the containers sent out of the area, your goods will have to be moved into a shipping container.  You can do this yourself at our facility or we can do it for you at a reasonable hourly labor rate.

How can I get access to my storage box?
Give us 24 hours' advance notice (except on Sundays), bring your account current, and show Photo ID when you arrive.  Warehouse hours vary, so be sure to check with your local facility when you set up your appointment.  Access is free as long as you show up.  If you don't give us at least 12 hours notice of cancellation, there may be a fee charged to your account.

May I have my container(s) moved to a warehouse closer to my home?
Yes, there is a relocation fee for moving containers from one warehouse to another.

I lost the key to my lock(s).  What do I do? 
We can cut the locks for you, but we need a few things first.  Let us know that you have lost your keys.  You will need to present photo ID before we can proceed.  There is a $15 lock cut fee per container.  If you are accessing your container at our warehouse, payment can be made at that time.  If you are having your containers re-delivered to your location, you will need to make arrangements with us at the time of scheduling.  Our drivers will not cut locks without prior approval.  You will need a replacement lock for your container unless you are emptying it at that time.

There are things in my PortaBox container that I don't want anymore.  What should I do? 
Unfortunately we do not have dumpster or trash service at our facilities.  You have two choices if there are items in your storage container that you no longer wish to own: you can haul it out yourself in your own vehicle or we can take your items to the dump.  There is a charge for a dump run, including both a reasonable hourly rate and the dumping fees.

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Cost Questions:

When will I receive my monthly statement?
Our statements are mailed on the 1st of each month and are due by the end of the month.

Can I have my monthly fees automatically charged to my MasterCard or Visa?
YES, this is how most customer set up their accounts.  Please advise your Customer Care Representative when they call to confirm your order.

When will my MasterCard or Visa be charged each month?
Monthly charges are applied at the beginning of the month.

What do I need to do to close my account?
Simply tell us your delivery ZIP code, the approximate date you'd like to schedule delivery, and bring your account current. We mandate 10 days' notice for closing account redelivery, however we can often accommodate delivery requests on shorter notice.

Who do I contact about billing questions?
Please contact our accounts receivable department by calling 1-888-269-8646 for any questions.

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