Packing Materials

If you need packing materials, we can deliver them right alongside your container.  You can also drop by one of our offices to purchase packing materials at your convenience.

We offer everything you will need to ensure the safety of your packed belongings, including:

  • Padlock locks
  • Lock with two (2) keys
  • 10 paper pads & one roll of tape bundle
  • 10 book cartons, 5 medium cartons, & one roll of tape bundle
  • PortaPAK #1
  • PortaPAK #2
  • Paper pads

We also offer rental plans for some of our packing materials, including:

  • Blankets
  • PortaPads (monthly rental required)


PortaPAK Contents

The following is a list and description of the materials needed to protect your possessions:

1. Book Carton (1.5 cu. ft.) - A small, easy to handle carton designed for heavy items such as books and records. Care must be taken so the box does not become too heavy for handling.  Extremely old or valuable books should be individually wrapped.

2. Medium Carton (3 cu. ft.) -This utility box has a wide range of uses for smaller items throughout the home.  It is ideal for small appliances, tools, non-perishable food, or clothing.  Packing similar articles together will make unpacking easier.

3 & 4. Large Cartons (4.5 to 6.5 cu. ft.) - Useful for lighter weight, bulky items such as linens, pillows, and large toys.

5. Dishpack - An especially sturdy carton for fragile items including china, glassware, figurines, and sculptures.  This carton is often reinforced with inserts to further protect such items as crystal stemware.  All pieces of china and glassware should be individually wrapped in unprinted paper and properly secured with additional paper padding. Dishes should be positioned on end to lessen the chance for breakage. Each carton should be labeled "Fragile - This End Up. "

6. Upright Carton -Typically used for lamps, statuary, and other specially sized items.

7. Wardrobe - A portable closet.  Clothes remain on hangers to stay free of dirt and minimize wrinkles.

8. Mirror/Picture Cartons -Telescoping cartons fit each mirror, picture or glass table top exactly.  Heavy corrugated braces reinforce each corner.

9. Mattress Cartons - Available in a number of sizes, from crib to king mattress.  They protect mattresses and box springs from dirt and tearing and help provide structural support to avoid bending.

10. Packing Paper - Only clean unprinted paper should be used for wrapping and padding.


Please check with your local PortaBox warehouse for up-to-date pricing on all packing materials.

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