Restoration and Construction

Redoing the floors? Expanding the master suite? Adding a second floor?

Whatever the project, you need a clear work area. At PortaBox, we have the solution. Simply give us a call and we will deliver the appropriate number of storage containers to your jobsite. Load your furniture, pictures, and boxes into your containers to create a safer, cleaner work environment. With more space, you won't have to worry about ruining your couch with dust and debris or accidentally backing into that delicate family heirloom as you work.

After loading up your container, simply attach your padlock and give us a call. We will ship your filled PortaBox containers to one of our secure, climate controlled warehouses so you can get to work. And with government municipalities increasingly restricting long-term storage of large metal containers in residential communities, PortaBox makes storage during construction possible without putting you in hot water.

Upon completion of your project, give us a call and we will redeliver the PortaBox containers back to your site. Simply unload the contents and let us know when to remove the empty containers.

We can even help you with the loading and unloading labor. Just ask!

To learn more about how PortaBox partners with businesses in your area or to get involved as a PortaBox Partner, visit our Partnership Program page.

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