I just finished unloading a PortaBox that I stored my lawn furniture in for the winter and realized how nice it was not to have to clean off the winter mold. We bought them last spring and they still look like new. I’ll do it again this fall.

Jim and Karen M., Bellevue

I shopped around and couldn’t beat the price. But, what really impressed me was the driver’s concern and attention for my things - that was the icing on the cake. I’ll recommend you to my friends.

PS: Be sure to thank your driver Bruce for me.

Mary G., Seattle

I saw your red boxes in my neighborhood so I gave you a call to see if you could help with my parents. They’re moving into a retirement village and need to store some of their things. We were able to “thin out” a lot of their treasures while reassuring them that they could always get to them if they wanted. They probably never will, but they feel good about it. Great idea! Thanks,

Roseanne B., Renton

Wow, PortaBox saved the day. We were in the middle of the holidays and expecting house guests when my husband received a shipment of samples from his company that literally filled our extra bedroom. (Don’t ask about the garage.) So we jumped online and ordered your box to clean out the room until the holidays were over. Next we’re going to clean out the garage.

Alice K., Seattle

Our daughter the “packrat” just left for college and we’re turning her room into an office. But, we can’t part with her furniture and collection of girl stuff. PortaBoxes annual program was very affordable so we decided to save it for her until she starts her own family. A little sappy, but what can I say! They’re only young once.

Amy & Rob R., Kirkland

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