Why Use Portable Storage?

PortaBoxes are great for your home:

Reclaim your garage
Prepare for a new addition to the family or a house guest
Short-term storage
Winter ORV vehicles (Ski mobiles, skis & gear)
Staging your home while selling or downsizing
Adding a room
Kids going to college
College students needing summer storage
Sabbaticals and other corporate moves
Volunteer Workers staying outside the country for an extended period

For your office:

Real Estate Agents
Contractors, Construction, Demolition, Remodeling, Building
Restoration and maintenance
Tradeshows & Events
File Storage
Retail Businesses (Inventory, Seasonal)
Community Events, Races, Food Fairs, Marathons, Dashes, Runs, Walks, Conventions, Festivals

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How Portabox Works

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