5 businesses that benefit from self-storage rental

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Self-storage rental is a process that is usually associated with household relocation or any remodeling project. Very few people take the time to consider all the ways in which a business can make use of a Lynnwood self-storage facility. The truth is that you can use a self-storage unit as a base for your business and avoid spending a lot of money on office rental. Today, we bring you 5 businesses that benefit from self-storage rental in more ways than one. If you find your line of work to be among the following five we are about to mention, we suggest you look into the best storage facilities near you as soon as possible.

Top 5 businesses that benefit from self-storage rental

1. Seasonal businesses

Do you have certain times of the year when you are busier? For example, those who are selling decorations will definitely be the busiest from October until December. If you do have a business such as this one, there is probably no need for you to rent an office all year round. You can simply look into self-storage in Seattle. The best way to capitalize on seasonal sales is to rent a place where you can keep your goods for a limited period of time. That perfectly describes self-storage units.

Pink Christmas decorations.
Do you sell Christmas decorations? Then you don’t need an office year-round.

A storage unit can be rented for as little or for as long as you need. So you don’t have to worry about your profit going on a fancy office – a reliable and safe storage unit will do the trick.

2. Retailers

It really doesn’t matter whether you are the owner of a high-end boutique or are selling your goods online. If you run any kind of retail business, then you belong to the list of the businesses that can benefit most from self-storage rental. We are pretty sure that you can already see why paying for storage services will be a great addition to your retail business. You guessed it – a storage unit is a great place to store all of your inventory that can’t fit into your store.

But you will certainly want to be careful! Don’t store sensitive items in a regular unit. Instead, opt for a climate-controlled unit that will keep your inventory safe during any weather. This is especially important if you live in an area where the temperature tends to fluctuate.

3. Creative businesses

If you are a full-time artist who makes his/her living from selling paintings or sculptures, then we are sure your entire house is filled with works of art. At some point, all of those valuable pieces will become a burden on you and your family members. That’s the moment you will find yourself reaching for business solutions. And that’s when you will stumble upon many units that will be the perfect place for storing your works of art. If you are storing any type of unique products, then you can definitely be categorized as a business that will benefit from self-storage rental.

Painting brushes.
Protect your valuable works of art by renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Once again, don’t forget the importance of getting a climate-controlled unit. Not only are we talking about your livelihood, but we are talking about items that you are emotionally attached to. Just imagine dozens of hours you spent on that painting going to waste just because you were trying to save some money by opting for a regular unit.

4. Freelancers

If you are a freelancer, then one of the things you love most about your line of work is the freedom to work from just about anywhere. While there are many positive sides to working from home, you have to admit that it can get rather boring and repetitive after a while. If you are thinking about renting an office, why don’t you rent a unit and personalize the space instead? You will definitely save a lot of money since storage rental is a lot cheaper than renting an office.

Not only will you shake things up a little bit and get out of your routine, but you will also gain a lot of space for paperwork and work-related items. And hey, who says that you can’t store a few household items here and there? That’s the beauty of self-storage rental – you can pretty much use the space to your liking!

5. Sales Representatives

As a sales representative, you are pretty much always on your toes. You are carrying samples and promotional materials to potential buyers, and you probably love your line of work. The problems arise when you have too many samples that you need to have close to you, but you are lacking the necessary space in your home. The good thing is that there is an easy solution to your problems – you guessed it, it’s renting a self-storage unit.

A man in a suit, representing business that benefit from self-storage rental.
As a sales representative, you can have many promotional items but not enough space in your home.

When it comes to the list of businesses that benefit from self-storage rental, it cannot be complete without mentioning sales representatives. Depending on the number of items you have to promote, you can rent a small, medium, or even large unit. But in most cases, the smallest unit will be more than sufficient for facilitating all of your belongings.

Do you find yourself among the businesses that benefit from self-storage rental?

Pick up your phone and contact us or any other self-storage provider in your area. See which company works best for your needs and your budget. The whole point of renting a self-storage unity is to save money that you would spend on renting an office, so try not to go overboard. All of these companies know that there are many businesses that benefit from self-storage rental which is why you can expect to see generous and reasonable offers. After all, it is in every company’s best interest for you to stick around as long as possible.

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