5 reasons to use storage during home renovation

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There is nothing better than being able to add a personal touch to your home and make it unique. Even with the help of some small renovation projects you can make your home reflect your personal style. There really are many advantages of remodeling a home but this process is not that simple. To avoid problems and unpleasant surprises, the entire process needs to be planned from start to finish. You need to have a good plan and also consider renting a self storage Seattle because there are many reasons to use storage during a home renovation. Keep reading and you will learn how storing your items can make your home renovation simpler and less chaotic.

Top 5 reasons to use storage during your home renovation project

The demand for storage units is on the rise. And, this isn’t a new trend. For almost fifty years, people have been storing their items and making more room in their homes and offices. They are a pretty convenient way of maximizing the space without spending a fortune on it. In most cases, storage units are used during relocations or by companies that want to store their records or old equipment. But, storage units can also be very useful when you are in the middle of remodeling projects. Although there are many reasons to use storage during home renovation, we have mentioned only the most important ones. And, here they are.

Coming up with better home renovation ideas

You are probably wondering how can storing your items in a Bellevue self storage help you come up with better renovation ideas. This does sound weird but it really is true. Just think about it. Since there will be no furniture and other items in your home, empty space will inspire you. Flaws will be more visible and you will be able to repair them. Also, you will be able to repaint all of your walls and see if there is any damage to the floors where your heavy furniture usually is placed. This is exactly why it is better to plan the steps of your renovation after you store your items.

Paint and material samples
Store your furniture to get rid of distractions and you will come up with great renovation ideas

Preventing items from getting damaged or dirty

The great thing about renting storage units is that you get to pick between a long term storage unit or short term storage Seattle. So, even if you need to store your goods for one week, you will still be able to rent a storage unit. One of the most important reasons to use storage during a home renovation is that your household items won’t get damaged. No matter how big or small your renovation project will be, there will still be a lot of mess, dust, and dirt.

This means you will need to cover your furniture, place it in awkward places, and clean it afterward. Luckily, this can be avoided. Instead of worrying about whether your furniture will stay undamaged, simply store it. Find a storage unit that is close to your home and store as many items as you want.

Making more room for materials and equipment

When you store your furniture it will be much easier to move around your home. You won’t have to constantly move bulky pieces and there will be more room for you and your handymen. Also, you can store rugs and carpets and then cover your floors with cardboard pieces or plastic wrap. Doing this will allow you to bring all of the materials and equipment right to your home. Everything you need will be right at your home. This will help you work faster and productivity levels will increase.

Home in the middle of a renovation project
Empty your home to make more room for renovation tools and equipment

Ensuring the safety of valuables when using storage during a home renovation

Do you have antiques in your home or some other valuable pieces? These items need to be treated with the utmost care during home renovations. Since these items are very expensive and sensitive, it won’t be a good idea to keep them in your home while you are remodeling it. This is exactly why you should store them until you finish your project. And don’t worry there are many tips for packing and moving antiques, jewelry, artwork, and other valuable pieces.

By following them, you will prepare properly your items for the storing period and you won’t have to worry about their safety. Keep in mind that if you are not sure whether you can pack the right way or you don’t have the time to do it, you can always hire professional packers and let them handle this task.

Getting a reason to finally declutter your home

This is probably one of our favorite reasons to use storage during home renovation. We hear all the time that homes need to be decluttered from time to time. Even though everyone is talking about the importance of decluttering we still keep many unnecessary items in our homes. So, if you opt to store your goods during remodeling, you should use this chance to finally declutter your home. Getting rid of unnecessary items not only will help you save time while packing but will also save you some money on packing materials.

Couple preparing to store items after learning about the reasons to use storage during home renovation
Declutter your home to finally get rid of the items you don’t need anymore

Decluttering doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. You only need a good system! Here are a couple of tips for decluttering with ease.

  • Create three piles – keep, throw away, donate, and then started separating your items.  
  • Declutter one room at a time to avoid creating a mess.
  • Find help since decluttering can be overwhelming and tiresome.
  • Remember these steps and declutter your home at least once a year. 

So, will you use storage during your home renovation after reading these 5 reasons?

So what do you think about the reasons for using storage during remodeling? Did they inspire you to get a storage unit for your household items? If the answer is yes, PortaBox can help. We can deliver portable storage containers right at your door, help you pack them, and then store them in one of our facilities. Leave everything to us and focus on other things, such as planning your home renovation project.

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