What are the benefits of renting storage during the pandemic

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Storage is always a good way to expand your home or office space. But should it really be a priority right now? After all, we’re still battling an invisible enemy in the form of the coronavirus. Many Americans are struggling to pay rent, let alone storage fees. If money is tight for you and your family as well, storage may not be on your mind at this time. However, one can not deny that there are many benefits to renting storage during the pandemic. Indeed, PortaBox Storage Seattle has continued to provide storage services steadily throughout 2020 in part due to the unwavering demand for them. So, don’t disregard renting storage as an option just yet – it might just be worth the expense.

The benefits of renting storage during the pandemic for businesses

Three people in an office.
Renting storage during the pandemic can help your business survive and thrive.

If you own a business, odds are that the pandemic has changed the way you operate. And renting storage right now can help you adjust to the new working conditions. Think of it as an investment in a better present and future for your company.

Downsize to reduce operational costs

Many businesses have had to scale down their operations during the pandemic. Perhaps you don’t currently have enough customers, what with everyone staying home as much as possible. Or you may have needed to work with a skeleton crew to avoid exposing employees to health risks. Either way, for the time being at least, there may be no need for you to be using all of your tools and space.

You can downsize your business temporarily to cut costs. Since you don’t want to downsize permanently, you’ll still want to keep all the belongings you can. So why not put them in Issaquah self storage while you’re working at lower capacity? When the pandemic is over and you’re back to normal, you can just get your stuff out of storage and proceed with business as usual.

Make it easier and more cost-effective to operate at lower capacity

Even if you’re not downsizing the business itself, odds are that at least some of your employees are working from home for the time being. But this means that you no longer need as big of an office. So you shouldn’t waste money on a big space that you’re not taking full advantage of. Instead, you can put away some of your furniture and equipment in a storage unit. Then, bring together your workers in one place.

Finally, arrange with your landlord to stop renting the space you’re no longer using. This will save money and even make it easier for your team to work together since they will be closer to each other.

Prepare for reopening after the pandemic

It’s taking more than any of us expected to fight this pandemic. But eventually, things will get back to some semblance of normal. You want your business to be ready for that. So, stock up on what you need for the grand reopening. Then, put it in storage so that it’s not in the way!

The benefits of renting storage during the pandemic for individuals

A family in front of a house after renting storage during the pandemic.
Your family can greatly benefit from storage during the pandemic.

Even if you don’t run a business, you may find yourself Googling “portable storage containers for rent near me” during the pandemic. Why? Because there are many benefits to renting a container or unit right now that you can take advantage of to make your time in lockdown better.

Use this time productively – declutter, remodel, refurbish

Even in places where lockdowns have been lifted, people are spending a lot of time at home to avoid socializing too much and risking exposure. This gets boring pretty fast. After all, there are only so many TV shows to binge on Netflix! So why not do something productive around the house?

You can organize a massive cleaning effort to declutter your home and rearrange it. Or you may even go a step further and remodel now that you’re working from home and have more time. Renting storage can make these projects easier. You can use it to get furniture and clutter out of the way while you work on making your home better.

Make working from home easier

If you’ve transitioned to working from home, you’ll probably want to set up a workspace. That’s not always easy if you live in a small house, have a large family, or just have a lot of stuff lying around. Renting storage can be a way to resolve that problem. It’ll help you quickly and temporarily free up enough space to make a home office that you can use during the pandemic.

Clean regularly without things getting in the way

Person sweeping the floor.
It’ll be much easier to keep your house clean when you don’t have stuff in the way.

During a pandemic, it’s more important than ever before to keep your home clean. You’ll want to vacuum, sweep, dust, and disinfect at least once every few days. That’s hard if you have a lot of things in the way. By renting storage for all the belongings you don’t use regularly, you can declutter your home and make it easier to clean more frequently which will save a lot of time and effort.

Keep your stockpile safe

If you’re anything like most of us, you prefer not to go to the store too often these days. Instead, you stockpile whatever you can – cleaning supplies, toiletries, canned goods, and more. But you need somewhere to keep all those things, don’t you? Renting Kirkland self storage is the perfect solution. You get to keep a lot of stuff safely without it getting in the way around the house.

Is renting storage during the pandemic safe?

With all the safety precautions in place, you may be worried about your safety when renting storage during the pandemic. While this is a valid concern, you can rest assured that renting storage won’t put you at risk so long as you do it in line with the current safety measures. So limit your exposure to strangers – do consultations over the phone or book your storage online. Make sure your storage space is clean – visit it when you can to clean up inside.

The final piece of advice here – consider portable self storage solutions. This is the perfect solution during the pandemic if you want to avoid running into a lot of people. You’ll simply have the container delivered, pack it at your convenience, and have it taken away to a storage facility or your new home. You don’t even have to be in physical contact with anyone you don’t know!

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