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With every year that passes, we seem to be in bigger need of space. The space for putting our clothes, memorabilia, old ornaments – you name it. But what happens when you don’t have the luxury of affording self-storage in West Seattle? Then you have to resort to some other budget-friendly storage solutions that you as a homeowner can easily make possible. Don’t worry – it doesn’t take much money or space to declutter your home. It will just take some creativity. Here are a few simple ideas on finding storage space in your own home?

Do you have a garage, a basement, or an attic? Then you are in luck!

Having an attic, a garage, or a basement that isn’t cluttered is probably the best-case scenario if you are needing some extra storage space. For starters, these three areas can generate as much space as a Ballard self-storage unit, maybe even more. Secondly, you won’t have to put in a lot of thought into finding small storage solutions all over your home – you’ll have one designated place for keeping all of your belongings.

An attic window.
There are some areas in your home that are just perfect for storage.

Of course, in order to be able to do this, your garage/basement/attic needs to be at least half-empty. There will be no use in piling extra items in a room that is too crowded with items, to begin with. Although, that could also be a great motivation for you to finally go through your living space and get rid of items that are of no use to you any longer. That is bound to free up some extra storage space.

Baskets and bins are trendy yet budget-friendly storage solutions

If you have ever wanted to find a cheap yet very stylish storage solution for pretty much any room of the house, then all you had to do was look into baskets and bins. Baskets, boxes, and bins can be in any shape and size, and they can be placed anywhere. From your bathroom to your living room, the options are endless. And the best part is that you can find them just about anywhere. From visiting thrift stores to searching flea markets, all you have to do is find the one that works best for the layout and style of your room.

But if for some inexplicable reason you feel like there could be a better storage solution for you out there, we here at PortaBox Storage have your back. Allow us to provide you with a couple of more options.

Freestanding shelves don’t just have to hold books

When one thinks about bookshelves in a home, they usually think about an item that holds reading materials. But the use of bookshelves can be much more diverse. Of course, you’ll have to find a model that isn’t a classic representation of a bookshelf, but rather a variation of it. Once you do track it down, you can use it for storing pots and pans in your kitchen, for linens and towels in a bathroom, or for odds and ends in a bedroom. Besides, the great thing about the shelves is that they can go on the walls, as well. This is a great storage solution when on a budget. Simply put up a few shelves, and you get a stylish decoration on top of a storage solution.

Shelves - one of the best budget-friendly storage solutions.
Simply put up a few shelves and voila – you get extra space in your room.

Cabinets are an amazing yet budget-friendly storage solution

If you are in dire need of some extra space in your kitchen or bathroom, then the best thing you can do is invest in some cabinets. Whether they are hanging or grounded doesn’t make much of a difference. The fact is that these items can house a plethora of different items, and they don’t necessarily have to be restricted to your kitchen or bathroom only. You might be able to work out a creative cabinet into the decor of your bedroom – that depends on how imaginative you are. Just make sure that any piece you introduce matches the style of your home. Otherwise, you could achieve the complete opposite of what you are going for. And what you are going for is an organized look.

Honeycomb organizers can work wonders

Sometimes, people don’t exactly have that much mess that needs to be cleaned up. In some instances, all you will need are some budget-friendly storage tools that will help you organize your knick knacks. In such cases, we suggest you take a look into honeycomb organizers. Sure, they are best utilized for those drawers where you have been putting random items. But they can also be used in your wardrobe drawers as an organizer for socks, jewelry, or scrunchies – the list just goes on and on.

So, if you feel like paying for storage services for the small volume of items you have makes no sense, and neither does it make sense to dedicate an entire room to it, then invest in some organizers. It’s incredible how something so mundane can make such a difference.

Pens inside a drawer.
Good organization is the key to success.

There is always the option of renting a storage unit at a reasonable price

Sometimes, as much as you want to find the best budget-friendly storage solutions to use inside your home, it might not be enough. You might simply have too many items that need to be stored, making it impossible to avoid professional help. But the good news is that storage services don’t have to break the bank. However, you do have to put in some effort if you want to find them. Then again, you can always contact us for an affordable and convenient storage solution. We will do our best to present you with a solution that will be a perfect match for your needs, budget, and the volume and type of items you have to store. 

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