The downsides of cluttering your household

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There is nothing good that can come of cluttering your home. However, a lot of people nowadays fail to realize this, leading to an increase in materialism. Untidy living can present a serious threat to your health and not just because of the germs. Living in a messy home will affect you mentally the most. It is not so hard to rent a portable storage container and keep your excess stuff outside of your home. Of course, if you are already in a cluttered home, you will need to put some effort into getting the stuff out of the home. However, with solutions such as PortaBox Storage, it is so easy to get them stored because the storage unit comes to your doorstep, and when you fill it up, the company will take it to the warehouse. If you are still not sure about the downsides of cluttering your household, keep reading.

Eight downsides of cluttering your household

#1: Stress

Do you often feel stressed without any particular reason? Researchers at UCLA’s Center of Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), found a link between cluttered living space and high cortisol in women. Cortisol is a stress hormone. That means that living in a messy and cluttered home will make you feel stressed. Stress is the cause of many other illnesses. If you want to live healthier, feel more relaxed, and better, start decluttering your home as soon as possible.

Woman under stress
Stress is one of the main downsides of cluttering your household

#2: Bad for physical health

When your home is full of things, and clutter is everywhere you just cannot function normally. You really cannot do anything except to sit and watch TV. This also causes stress, and when it is combined with sitting it usually causes overeating and gaining weight. Of course, everyone knows how weight is bad for your overall health.

That means that one of the downsides of cluttering your home is dangerous for your life. If you already have those problems, start decluttering your home today. Gather every item that you are not using and get them out of your home. If you have items that you want to keep, call a portable storage company. Rent a unit and keep your stuff in a warehouse. This simple process can be a way to start losing weight.

#3: Gateway to depression

One of the downsides of cluttering your household is that you will feel more tired. Of course, the main cause of tiredness is again accumulated stress. But it is also harder to concentrate and process information. This means that it will be harder to perform your everyday tasks, and you will waste more energy to complete them. Do not think that going to bed earlier will make much difference. The only medicine here is to clean up your home.

#4: Financial issues

A cluttered home can also cost you money. If you are used to living in a cluttered environment, you probably do not have a special place to keep your bills. Forgetting to pay bills is a common situation in cluttered households. Unfortunately, when you are late with paying, the fees go up. You probably have problems with finding other things as well. Only you know how many things you bought again just because you lost them in your own home.

Money and pens
Living in a cluttered home will cost you

#5: Lack of cleanliness

Untidy households are also nesting grounds for all sorts of germs, bacteria, and pests. Accumulating so many things in your home probably took some time. And you know that you didn’t move those piles to clean under them. You didn’t wipe your kitchen counter since you cluttered it with dirty plates. And you probably didn’t vacuum your carpets since everything became so loaded.

If with all this mess you live with pets then your home is probably loaded with bacteria. If by some miracle you are not feeling stressed because of your cluttered home, you do not have overeating problems and do not feel tired all the time, this sanitary issue must be the reason to get you to start decluttering your home. Right after reading this article.

#6: Problematic for maintaining relationships with others

Living in a cluttered household can also create problems in your relationships. If you do not have a partner, living in a cluttered home certainly presents a big problem for you. You are probably ashamed of calling people into your home. And you are scared to start a relationship because you know the day when your partner will see your home is going to happen. Of course, this doesn’t leave a mark only on your romantic relationships but also applies to friendships.

#7: Lack of organization

People who live in cluttered homes are often later than others. Of course, the main reason is that they usually cannot find everything before they exit the home. You certainly know how many times you’ve been unable to find your keys or your mobile phone. This can seriously affect your business activities as well. Being late for work is usually a big problem. Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem. You just have to declutter your home.

Man looking at his watch
Maybe you are always late because of your clutter

#8: Constant danger of injury, household damage, etc.

Another of the downsides of cluttering your living space is physical danger. If you are living in a messy home, there is probably very little room to move around. This means that you can easily stumble on things. Naturally, when you fall in a cluttered home, who knows what you will hit, and how hard can you get hurt. Not to mention things that can fall on your head. You probably have lots of experience with those things in your home. If you still haven’t experienced anything serious, declutter your home while you still have time. Because it will happen eventually.

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