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Running a business on your own is a big responsibility. There is a lot of stuff you will have to pay attention to. Starting from compliance with state laws to satisfaction of your employees. This especially applies if you want to expand your business by merging two offices into one. It will not be such an easy task as you may have expected. But, don’t worry, because if you have the right guidance, everything will be okay in the end. To conduct an activity like this one, firstly you will need a lot of space. Temporary storage Seattle can be one of your solutions.

First and foremost, make a strategy

Merging two offices into one requires having a proper plan. Did you set up your final deadline already? If not, don’t hesitate and do it as soon as possible. Also, a very important fact to consider is how will you manage to keep your business uninterrupted while merging. The answer lies in having enough storage. Feel free to consider Newcastle self storage. It will provide you with an efficient storage service. At the same time, it will allow you to focus on important things without being distracted. While preparing your plan, do the same thing with your budget. Avoid stress by not collecting your money at the last minute.

Stressed male
Avoid stress about merging offices by planning every detail right on time.

Before merging two offices into one, free them from unnecessary things

Decluttering your offices is the thing which will help you a lot. If you have enough time, do it at least 20 minutes after your working hours. Ask your employees to give you additional help. Especially today, in modern offices paper clutter is one of the most serious issues. All of those paperwork, materials, contracts, invoices, and other items may be a genuine nightmare at times. There is also a lot of other equipment. The best option is to recycle them, donate, or sell them. On the other hand, if you are still not sure what to do with your belongings, that’s okay. Even if you don’t know where to put them while merging, we have a solution. Seattle mini storage will be of great help. You will be calm while knowing your things are in a safe place.

abandoned workplace
In the beginning, declutter your workplace together with your employees.

Find a solution for storage problems

Combining two businesses into one means you and your employees are going to need a lot of space. Every office has a lot of stuff such as computers, laptops, desks, chairs, scanners, and copy machines. And you will need some space to postpone such things. So you can merge office undisturbed. Type in your browser portable storage containers for rent near me. This way, you will manage to find a solution for every problem. And how does this actually work?  You will be amazed by the number of cons of portable containers. Professionals will deliver them, as well as other boxes, in front of your office. It doesn’t matter if you need a lot of them, because they will have enough. Take your time to place your belongings there. And after you are done, arrange the pick-up destination. And all your things will be placed in a proper facility.

What are the benefits of hiring a trustworthy company when merging two offices into one?

Reliable companies will provide you with anything you need. For example, you can expect:

  • top quality service any time you want, no matter the weather conditions
  • a variety of packing materials such as boxes
  • moving and shipping your belongings
  • portable storage containers

A crucial thing to know when using portable containers is that it’s very easy to load your things. They will be monitored and saved in a temperature-controlled facility all the time. Except that, you can take them back at any time you want. This also won’t be a problem in any case. Just let it to reliable professionals.

Pay special attention to your coworkers while merging offices

Proper and honest communication with your coworkers is one of the most important things. And that is not only for the purpose of running your business. Some of them may be your friends in private life. And it’s very important to somehow make this process easier for them. Ask yourself how to help your employees be satisfied during a merger. Job duties may change, and the traditional hierarchy may need to be altered to suit the new personnel. You should explain to them the plan in every detail. And don’t do it at the last minute. Because some of them may need more time to accommodate these circumstances. If necessary, you can include your HR in this process. Ask them how they feel and if they have some suggestions. If so, try to accept all their criticism. After having a conversation like this one, everyone will feel much better.

Happy empolyees after merging two offices into one
Do everything that you can in order to help your employees during and after merging two offices into one.

Don’t forget the final and most important step

After you officially merge two offices, this is not the end of the road. Actually, this represents a whole brand new beginning. Merging two offices means merging new teams also. In the first days and months, you will have to pay special attention to see if they are functioning in the way they are supposed. Employees require emotional and social support to function well during difficult circumstances. You should focus on team development. It will improve communication and performance while lowering stress levels.

Combining two businesses into one will not be a problem if you followed this guide

In merging two offices into one, don’t forget your remote colleagues. They deserve the same amount of attention as the rest. Also, after merging set a common plan. And do everything that you can in order for everything to pass as smoothly as possible. And, in the end, celebrate the success.


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