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Are you thinking about moving from Bothell to Bellevue? If you are, we have prepared some good tips on how to make it happen. Unfortunately, because of the difference in living costs as well as real estate prices, relocating to Bellevue from Bothell is going to be a challenging task. The good thing, on the other side, is that now you have this article to guide you and some of the best self storage Seattle that you can use to get to Bellevue easier than you think. So let’s take a look at how to move your home to Bellevue.

Bothell has all that you need, are you sure that you want to move to Bellevue?

Bothell is a suburb of Seattle and one of the best places to live in Washington. So are you really sure that you need to move to Bellevue? Bothell offers great schools and a lot of employment opportunities, and it is generally a very safe place to live. It is popular with families as well as young professionals and has a very friendly and tight community that makes Bothell feel like home, regardless of how long you live there. Bothell has a population of 46,386, three times less than Bellevue, however, since you are practically living in Seattle, you have a feeling that you are living in a much bigger place.

suburb home
Bothell has a lot to offer

Bellevue is one of the best places to live in Washington

Bellevue is a city also located in King County with a population of 146,145. It offers an urban-suburban mixed feel with a lot of nice restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks. There are also great moving companies in Bellevue that you can use for this situation. And, if you end up with a lot of excess items, you also very easily find quality Bellevue self storage as well. Generally, Bellevue is considered the second best place to live in the state of Washington so relocating here from Bothell is definitely a good idea. But how realistic is that idea? Let’s take a  look at the following lines.

Bothell vs Bellevue living costs

When it comes to living costs, we can see that there are differences between the two places. However, it is difficult to say which place has higher living costs. For example, eating in Bellevue restaurants is cheaper than eating in Bothell restaurants. On the other hand, groceries are usually more expensive in Bothell. So it all depends on your eating habits. Local transportation is 55% cheaper in Bellevue when you get a one-way ticket for a local ride. On the other hand, a monthly pass is 33.33 % cheaper in Bothell. A taxi ride will also be more expensive in Bellevue – 25% more expensive. If you are used to going to a gym, you will be glad to hear that monthly membership in a local gym will be 14% cheaper after moving from Bothell to Bellevue. Cinema tickets are also significantly cheaper in Bellevue. As well as clothes.

Bellevue skyline
Bellevue is one of the best places to live in King County

If you have kids, you will surely be interested in childcare as well. If you have a small child that goes to kindergarten, prepare for 50% higher prices after you move. On the other hand, if you have a child that goes to primary school, your expenses will be more than 70% lower after relocating to Bellevue from Bothell. One of the things that are cheaper in Bothell as well as storage services. Renting Bothell self storage is cheaper than getting it in Bellevue. As you can see, there are things that are cheaper and things that are more expensive in Bellevue. However, a big difference is in average monthly salaries. As you already know, an average monthly salary in Bothell is around $6,000 after tax. In Bellevue, an average monthly salary is 35% higher – $9,276.67.

Housing costs that you simply have to acknowledge when moving from Bothell to Bellevue

The biggest issue that you will need to overcome when moving from Bothell to Bellevue is the difference in housing prices. Home prices, as well as rents, are much higher in the city of Bellevue. However, there is one way in which you can achieve your goal without having to make an additional investment. And that is if you currently own a home in Bothell city center. The price per square foot in the city center of Bothell is $ 558.25. The price per square foot in the city center of Bellevue is $722.58. However, if you opt to buy a home outside of Bellevue city center, you will have an advantage as there, the price per square foot is $442.58. When it comes to rents, they are way higher in Bellevue. If you are going down this road, make sure that you find a well-paid job in Bellevue.

homes in Bellevue
Make a good plan if you want to buy a property in Bellevue

How to move from Bothell to Bellevue

Those are the main differences in living costs between Bothell and Bellevue. Now, let’s take a look at how to actually move there. As you already know, both Bothell and Bellevue are located in King County. And there are only 12.3 miles between the two places. So organizing a move to Bellevue shouldn’t be a big problem. If you want, you can simply rent a moving truck and organize the whole process on your own. Or, even better, find good movers to help you. If you need storage, you can always go online and look for portable storage containers for rent near me and pick a company that is close to your new home. And that is it.

You will need a good financial strategy

As you can see, moving from Bothell to Bellevue is easily achievable. But only if you have a home in Bothell city center that you can sell. If not, you will have to either buy a smaller home in Bellevue or find some way to finance your idea.

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