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Nowadays, people own more stuff than ever. But unlike in the past days, our living spaces are also smaller. That results in the constant need for more safekeeping space. Thus, there are various types of storage solutions available. From traditional storage, innovative self-storage solutions, and convenient mobile storage containers Seattle, the choices are diverse. However, picking the right option depends on precisely what you intend to stow. Today’s topic of our specialists at PortaBox Storage: storage containers vs storage units. How are they different from one another? What is each of them more suitable for? And which one will fit your requirements better? You’ll find more on this, and more, in the text below. So, read on, and give us a call to benefit from some expert guidance on the topic. It will surely help you make an informed decision when looking to secure your ideal safekeeping solution.

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When choosing your storage type, review the features of each option to make an informed decision.

Storage containers vs storage units – how to determine your storage requirements?

The situations in which you’ll come to figure out pro storage solutions are the ideal fit for you are countless. It could be that you need an effective door to door storage Seattle solution on a short-term or long-term basis. Either way, if you compare the distinguishing features of storage containers versus storage units you’ll come to realize that these sure make a difference.

And just before we move on to the topic, it’s worth mentioning that the best self-storage providers in the industry will offer you multiple options in terms of the type of storage best suited for your surplus inventory. So, what should you pay attention to, when you’re weighing between storage units in comparison to storage containers?

  • Do you need a short or long-term lease? In this case, check with the self-storage provider, and opt for one that offers you flexibility related to the length of the lease.
  • Are you investigating storage containers vs storage units because you’re moving? The most convenient solution you have on hand would be to order your portable self storage, have it packed, and have it transported to your new property. It simply can’t get easier than this!
  • Do you need frequent access to the inventory you intend to stow? Some providers have multiple locations and others don’t. You can also benefit from the option to have your stored contents delivered to your doorstep. Thus, look at this factor when determining your storage choices.
  • How costly are the items you’re putting in safekeeping? It goes without saying that vetting the facility on safety and security is a must.

Self-storage units compared to storage containers – what are the main differences?

First of all, the main difference to point out when storage containers compared to storage units is in question, is what exactly do you need to store? If you need better security, then definitely dedicated business storage Seattle services are the way to go. Self-storage is by far a safer place to keep your inventory in if security is of high importance. The traditional storage container facilities will offer much less in this department.

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One of the advantages of a self-storage facility in the storage containers vs storage units match is the convenience

Another difference in the storage containers versus self-storage units match comes from the question of how often do you need to access your items? Again, self-storage facilities have convenient locations, while their counterparts are usually located in remote areas. And, naturally, there’ll be a difference in the storage services price as well. You might be guessing it right, the common storage containers are cheaper than self-storage. But, beware, as this comes at a cost of the safety and protection of your stowed inventory. By now you may have the general idea of the approximate sum of storage containers as opposed to storage units. So, in continuation, let’s paint the picture in more detail.

The main features of a self-storage facility

With the growing demand for storage in recent years, there has been a lot of innovative solutions in the storage industry. And, self-storage is a particularly practical and convenient option. Self-storage facilities are usually buildings intended for the purpose they serve. Matching container storage against storage units has a number of differences worth pointing out. For a quick recap, storage units will allow you more simple access to your belongings than remote container storage sites.

Containers storage is usually an outdoor facility at a remote location

Perhaps the most important point in the storage containers vs self-storage tie is the security aspect. Self-storage facilities have security protocols in place. CCTV, fire alarm, and motion sensor systems are but a few of those. Besides, the storage units are indoors, and the best self-storage facilities will also have temperature-controlled features. 

Self-storage units compared to storage containers will also save you lots of time and hassle. Your storage unit supplier will offer you many conveniences that container storage sites don’t provide. From packing materials and services to door-to-door pickup and delivery, you can choose options that suit you best.

How are storage containers different from self-storage solutions?

Container storage unlike storage units in a dedicated facility is usually located at a remote warehouse site. The name of these comes from the earlier days when sites were filled with storage containers for rental in various sizes. Although this type of storage has evolved over time, it’s still commonly an outdoor site. This, of course, lowers the rental costs, but again, the safety and security factors also drop drastically. Besides, you’ll have to know how to prepare your items for storage as fewer providers will offer assistance with it.

Final verdict

So, what’s the general conclusion for storage containers versus storage units so far?

  • Self-storage will be suitable for storing a majority of your items. It gives you more flexibility in terms of the size and length of the lease. But above all, it’s a definitive winner as far as security and convenience are concerned.
  • Container storage, on the other hand, will be more suitable if you’re looking to stow large, bulky items that you don’t need often, nor potential loss of damage is a concern.

In summary, this match of storage containers vs storage units will give you the lead of the main differences between the two. For your optimal convenience, talk to the storage experts at PortaBox Storage today and benefit from their professional knowledge and guidance.

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