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Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” caught the world by storm. Some even say it revolutionized the way to view tidying up. While that’s debatable, there’s no doubt her approach is efficient and effective. But, there’s always room for improvement. The lack of space is a common problem nowadays. Especially in recent years, with everything available with a few clicks. Yet, this convenience also threatens to clutter your home. However, rather than decluttering or putting excess items in storage, why not combine both? Using the KonMari Method with self storage can be an effective way to bring order into your life. So, here are some tips from PortaBox Storage Seattle specialists to help you in that endeavor.

What is the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method is a form of “aggressive decluttering.” It focuses on eliminating items that “do not spark joy” from your home and life. Therefore, after using it, you’re left surrounded by items that make you happy.

A young woman using laptop to find how to use KonMari Method with self storage
Familiarize yourself with the KonMari Method. It’s a great way to tidy up your home.

Granted, this is a grand oversimplification. But, then again, there’s a whole book on the subject. In it, the author Marie Kondo goes into extreme detail on how to better organize your space. She does this by establishing 6 rules and focusing on decluttering by category rather than by location.

The six rules of the KonMari Method

Decluttering is a pretty straightforward process. But, also, tedious and time-consuming. However, the ruthlessness Kondo advocates make it seem intimidating, too. After all, you will end up purging a lot of your belongings. The 6 rules exist to prepare you and help you get through the process:

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up. Clearing up your home on this level is a daunting task. That’s why it’s imperative to have your head in the game from the get-go;
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle. Visualizing your perfect home, and yourself in it, will help you set a goal. It gives you something to look forward to, thus making the whole ordeal more bearable.
  3. Finish discarding first. Sincerely thank the item for serving its purpose before getting rid of it. Although this seems funny at first, it’s actually quite ingenious. It helps you cope with the “loss” and reduces guilt you may feel when throwing something out;
  4. Tidy by category, not by location. The bread and butter of the KonMari Method. Most people store items in the same category throughout their homes. So, tackling a category, as a whole, makes you much more efficient;
  5. Follow the right order. Yet another way to increase efficiency and prevent time-sinks while tidying up;
  6. Ask yourself if the item “sparks joy.” The base criteria on which the whole method rests. Asking yourself “Does this sparks joy?” while holding an item is a way to determine if it stays or goes.

The five fundamental categories

A messy room
Clutter is detrimental to your health. Use the KonMari Method with self storage to lead a better life.

Kondo’s standpoint is that tidying up room-by-room is a mistake. The reason for this is that it doesn’t let you see the “bigger picture” or comprehend how many things you, actually, own. However, tidying by category does. So, she separated the items into five distinct groups:

  1. Clothing;
  2. Books;
  3. Papers;
  4. Konomo (miscellaneous items);
  5. Sentimental items.

Furthermore, she advocates tackling items in this order, as each category is more difficult than the previous one. So, in a way, you’re “training” yourself to be more efficient.

Solve the problem of the KonMari Method with self storage

Although efficient, the KonMari Method is sometimes difficult to apply. The main reason is the basic premise. Namely, to even start decluttering, first, you must take out every item in a single category and place it in one spot. Needless to say, this does create some spatial issues. Creating more clutter in an already cluttered home can lead to chaos, confusion, and frustration. Even when you know it’s for the best.

The solution to this problem comes in the form of mobile storage containers Seattle moving companies offer. With a simple phone call, you can have storage delivered right to your doorstep. This makes the whole process go much smoother because:

  • With items out of your home, you’re diminishing the sentimental factor;
  • You have a dedicated, safe space to declutter at your own pace;
  • Items you don’t want to keep nor throw away are already ready for transport to a storage facility.

The KonMari Method with self storage makes decluttering easier

As you already deducted, the KonMari Method is a bit extreme. Functional, no doubt about that, but difficult to apply. This is mostly because people develop serious attachments to their belongings. Especially those from the “Sentimental” category. Therefore, parting with some gets excruciating.

Greyscale photos on the wall
It’s hard to get rid of some things. That’s ok – you don’t have to!

On the flip side, there’s always the “I might need it later” moment. In fact, this is the main cause of clutter in the majority of cases. The truth, however, is that most of those items either served their purpose or never will. Yet, whether to throw them away or not is always a conundrum. After all, they do represent a significant investment.

You can eliminate both of these attachment factors with self storage Lynnwood WA companies run and maintain. It gives you a safe place to put away the items that no longer “spark joy.” So, you’re getting rid of clutter, without getting rid of your belongings. A win-win situation, by every metric.

“Put your space in order and change your life forever”

There’s a reason Kondo’s approach to decluttering is so effective. It’s innovative and methodic, and it makes you really think if something’s worth keeping. So, it makes sense to at least try it out. If you combine the KonMari Method with self storage, the results will show. Sure, it will be a bit strange at first. But, once you catch the flow, there’s no doubt you’ll “put your space in order and change your life forever,” as Kondo said.

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