Most common collectible items and how to store them

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Almost every person out there has an indescribable passion for certain types of items. These items are called collectibles and they come in all shapes and sizes. Usually, collectibles have a special place in the hearts of those who collect them. That’s why the owner will oftentimes go to great lengths in order to keep their precious possessions safe. We here at PortaBox Storage have had a lot of experience with the most common collectible items and we certainly know the right way to store them. As always, we don’t mind sharing that knowledge with you.

Five most common collectible items and the right way to store them

Of course, there are many different things you could decide to collect. That’s why you shouldn’t feel discouraged if it turns out that you aren’t collecting something from our list. Even if that’s the case, chances are that you are going to be able to remember some tips that will help you store your collectibles when placing them in an Issaquah self storage unit.

1. Vinyl records

Vinyl records aren’t just a fun thing to collect – they are also a fun thing to use and listen to. Furthermore, vinyl records usually remind their owners of some better and happier times that are now in the past. So if you have an enviable collection of vinyl records, you are definitely in good company. But what happens when you want to place your records in a Redmond self storage unit for the time being?

A vinyl record in a record player.
In order to listen to your records indefinitely, you need to invest some of your time at the present moment.

That’s when you learn how to store your vinyl records like a pro.┬áThe best tip we can give you is to always keep your records in their album jackets. Put them in an upright position and store them in a plastic container. That should keep them safe until you decide to take them out of storage.

2. Comic books

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only children that collect comic books – quite the contrary. Adults can oftentimes have impressive comic book collections, which is why they are considered as some of the most common collectible items worldwide. The only problem with comic books is the fact that even the slightest damage to your item can impact its value. Thus, the best way to protect your comics is by keeping them bagged, even when out of storage. When it comes to the storage itself, we always suggest that you get a temperature-controlled unit for your items. Comic books need to be stored in a dry and dark place with zero chance of humidity and moisture.

3. Coins

There is little that can beat the all-time favorite collectible item – coins. Some people like collecting coins with different currencies while others relish collecting coins from different eras. Having that in mind, it’s safe to say that some coins could have an incredible monetary value. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are collecting valuable coins or the ones you pick up from the street – your collection has an immense emotional value. By default, that makes these items important and worth your attention.

Stacks of coins - some of the most common collectible items.
Your coin collection entails proper care, no matter its size.

If you plan to place your coin collection in temporary or door to door storage Seattle, you need to do your part of the job. Make sure your collection is away from any humidity, acids, heat, and cold. You are also going to need a good coin holder that will provide 100% protection for your items. Considering the fact that you are dealing with some of the most valuable collectible items around, investing in their storage certainly pays off.

4. Stamps

Stamps could very well be the most collectible item in the world. Being a stamp collector isn’t just a hobby – it’s a chance for the collector to learn many new things about different countries and places. And because there are so many stamp collectors around, you are most likely going to find a group of people that have the same interest as you. Who would have thought that so many great things can come out of stamps?

If you are a passionate stamp collector, then you most likely know that the main rule is not to touch your stamps. The second rule when it comes to storing stamps is keeping them in temperature-controlled storage. Stamps need to be away from direct sunlight and in a cool room. Finally, be very careful where you place your box with stamps. The general rule of thumb is to place them on a higher surface which will protect them in case of flooding.

5. Jewelry

Being a collector of jewelry is one very expensive hobby. However, the people who collect jewelry aren’t looking for the most expensive pieces, although they certainly have some in their collection. Instead, they are looking for items that will be able to fit in with the unique aesthetic appeal of their collection. Those collections usually get passed down to the next generation, most of which will add new pieces to the collection. And that’s how jewelry becomes one of the most common collectible items around. So if you are thinking about placing your collection in reliable Bellevue self storage, you need to be really careful. No mistakes are allowed with this type of collection.

A person with tattoos and rings.
Jewelry collectors are usually looking for very authentic pieces.

The best thing would be to place your entire collection in a password-protected safe. That safe can then be placed inside a storage unit that will be in a secure facility. You really want to provide layers of protection for these items. The slightest mistake could turn out to be very expensive. Besides, all of these most common collectible items can have a huge monetary value. Furthermore, they are also worth their weight in gold when it comes to their emotional value. That’s why they deserve your full attention and care, as it’s in your best interest to protect them.

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